Whistle Blowing System


The Whistleblowing System (WBS) is a violation reporting system provided by PGN for parties who have information regarding indications of violations that have occurred within PGN. Submission of reports through the website/portal provided can be done anonymously (without the identity of the reporter) in order to maintain the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter.

Follow-up Violation Criteria

Criteria for violations that can be followed up are actions or violations that are categorized as follows:

1. Corruption, including acts of bribery and gratuities;

2. Fraud (Cheating);

3. Acts that violate criminal law, tax law or other laws and regulations;

4. Violation of the Guidelines for Business Ethics, Work Ethics and regulations or procedures that apply in the company;

5. Actions indicating a conflict of interest;

6. Actions that endanger occupational safety and health and/or endanger the security of the Company;

7. Actions that can cause losses to the Company either materially (financially) or immaterially (non-financially) or are detrimental to the interests of the Company.

Complaint Channel

Report violations at PT PGN LNG Indonesia via:

Corporate's Website


Corporate's Email



Gedung Graha PGAS Lt. 2JI. KH. Zainul Arifin No. 20Jakarta Pusat 11140, Indonesia

Phone / Fax

Telpon : 021-29037505
Fax : 021-29071133



Describe the alleged violation case in detail. Please fill in the first paragraph with the title / name of the reported violation case. Next, please describe what the alleged violation was, who was allegedly involved, at which agency the violation occurred and when the violation occurred. Reporters are expected to be able to complete with initial evidence because it will greatly assist in further investigation.

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