Founded on June 26 2012, PT PGN LNG Indonesia (PGN LNG) is a subsidiary of PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGN), with the aim of building an LNG business consisting of LNG Liquefaction, LNG storage and delivery, and LNG regasification to support the main business PGN in transportation and distribution of gas to consumers.

Since July 2014, PGN LNG has operated a Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) located ± 21 km offshore from Labuhan Maringgai – Lampung with a capacity of 1.5 – 2 MTPA with a delivery limit of up to 250 MMSCFD. For future development, PGN LNG is committed to building and operating LNG facilities and infrastructure throughout Indonesia with the aim of supporting the government’s program to reduce fuel oil consumption.


To become a leading company in the LNG sector


Increasing the Company’s added value for stakeholders through:

  • Strengthening the Company’s business in the LNG sector includes supply, liquefaction, transportation, storage, regasification and trading.
  • Increasing human resource competency as one of the Company’s assets.
    Operating the
  • Company’s assets and facilities by applying the precautionary principle.



We uphold the trust given.​​


We continue to learn and develop capabilities.​​


We care about each other and respect differences.​


We are dedicated and prioritize the interests of the Nation and State.​


We continue to innovate & are enthusiastic in driving or facing change.​


We build synergistic cooperation.​


In order to mobilize and regulate the Company’s operations to achieve its goals, the Company’s organizational structure was created as a management tool to control and maintain all functions within the Company and utilize all Company resources.

"PGN LNG Indonesia will make a real contribution to meeting clean energy needs in Indonesia through the Lampung FSRU, its resources and infrastructure."

“Apart from that, the connectivity of natural gas sources spread throughout Indonesia is an opportunity for PGN LNG Indonesia to synergize through the provision of integrated LNG infrastructure, so that it can meet energy needs for industry, households and power plants.”


President director

"By running an efficient business and reliable human resources, PGN LNG Indonesia is ready to become a world-class company while supporting the growth of the Indonesian economy."


Director of Finance and Business Support

Certifications & Awards

As proof of its commitment to providing the best service, PGN LNG has succeeded in obtaining several certifications and awards as follows:


PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk, with the branding Pertamina Gas Negara is the parent company of PT PGN LNG Indonesia and several other subsidiaries that work in various sectors with the main aim of supporting the programs of the government of the Republic of Indonesia

a subsidiary of Pertamina Gas Negara which aims to strengthen the company’s business