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PT PGN LNG Indonesia (PGN LNG) is a subsidiary of PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk (PGN), established on 26 June 2012 which aims to develop the LNG businesss in PGN Group that constitutes natural gas liquefaction, LNG storage and shipment, and regasification to natural gas in order to support key business of PGN in the transportation and distribution of gas to customers.

Since July 2014, PGN LNG has been operating Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) located ± 21 km offshore from Labuhan Maringgai – Lampung with capacity 1.5 – 2 MTPA with delivery limit up to 250 MMSCFD. For future development, PGN LNG is committed to building and operating LNG facilities and infrastructure across Indonesia with the aim of supporting government programs in reducing oil fuel consumption.


To become a prominent company in LNG sector


Improve Company's value for stakeholders through :

1. Strengthening the Company's business in the LNG sector including supply, liquefaction, transportation, storage, regasification and trading.

2. Increasing the competence of human resources as one of the Company's assets.

3. Operate the Company's assets and facilities by applying the precautionary principle.



Kami memegang teguh kepercayaan yang diberikan.​


Kami terus belajar dan mengembangkan kapabilitas.​


Kami saling peduli dan menghargai perbedaan.​


Kami berdedikasi dan mengutamakan kepentingan Bangsa dan Negara.​


Kami terus berinovasi & antusias dalam menggerakkan ataupun menghadapi perubahan.​


Kami membangun kerja sama yang sinergis.​


In order to run and direct the Company's operations to achieve its goals, the Company's organizational structure is drawn up as an instrument for the management to control and maintain all functions in the Company as well as to utilize all of its resources

"PGN LNG Indonesia will make a real contribution to meeting clean energy needs in Indonesia through the Lampung FSRU, its resources and infrastructure."

In addition, the connectivity of natural gas sources that are spread across Indonesia is an opportunity for PGN LNG Indonesia to be synergized through the provision of integrated LNG infrastructure, so that it can meet the energy needs of industry, households and power plants."


President Director


“By running an efficient business and reliable human resources, PGN LNG Indonesia ready to become a world-class company while supporting Indonesia's economic growth.”


Finance and Business Support Director



Awards and Certificates

As proof of commitment to provide the best service, PGN LNG has succeeded in obtaining the following certifications and awards


PT Company Gas Negara Tbk, with branding Pertamina Gas Negara with several other subsidiaries that work in various sectors with the main purpose of supporting the Indonesian government programs


Subsidiary of Pertamina Gas Negara that aims to strengthen the company’s operations