PGN LNG develops and implements Quality, Safety and Health, Security, Environment, and Energy (QSHSHE-E) Policy in accordance with the company's commitment and policy to ensure the implementation of QSHSHE-E aspect management. Our commitment is to prioritize the implementation of the QSHSHE-E policy in all aspects of the company's activities including to ensure personal safety, occupational health in all conditions, and ennvironmental sustainability.


Safety is central to our operations around Indonesia. We continually look for ways to make what we do safer and work with the wider industry to drive improvements. Safety is always our top priority. We aim to have zero fatalities and no incidents that harm people, or put our neighbours or facilities at risk.


In order to ensure that safety is maintained throughout all our operations, we execute what we call 5 Safety Golden Rules are:


At PGN LNG, we are committed in implementing QSHSE-E in the management of our day-to-day activities.

Our objectives are to ensure:

  • Satisfaction of Customer
  • Safety at all times
  • Health in all conditions
  • Security in all areas of work
  • Protection of environment
  • Efficiency of energy consumption

We will:

  • Consult, listen, and respond to stakeholders
  • Maintain cooperation with others - partners, suppliers, competitors, and regulators to improve Company's standard towards National and International standards.
  • Be cooperative in the disclosure of performance reports
  • Apply intergrated process safety


Company, as an entity that engages in LNG sector including but not limited to processing, transportation, storage, and trading, prioritizes the application of Quality, Safety & Health, Security, Environment, and Energy Policy within Company's work area. The Policy is as follows:

  • To supply product that fulfills requirement to achieve customer satisfaction
  • To avoid any safety hazard health hazard, security hazard, and environmental hazard
  • To identify and effectively control risk together with ensuring safety and health, security, and environmental compliance
  • To comply with laws and regulations related to this policy
  • To continous improvement and sustainability in the system, procedures, organizations, products, and energy effeciency
  • To develop employee competencies in all aspects of the Company's products and to improve employee satisfaction


In order to ensure the well-being of our workers, clients, and partners, we make it our corporate policy to ensure that every one works in a safe environment. In maintaining the healths of our employees, we are also making sure that they work productively in order to give the best quality service.


We work to minimise the effect on the environment of all our Indonesia operations. We also play our part in helping to meet the challenge of climate change.

This means, for example, increasing our energy efficiency and setting targets for improvement in emissions, water use and spills reduction. We also seek to protect biodiversity at our sites and nearby.

We report back on our performance and include relevant measures in employee appraisals. We also require our contractors and joint venture partners to meet the same standards.
This approach ensures we comply with the relevant laws and regulations and drives continuous improvements in performance.